Monday, July 20, 2009

Dental Update

Since having her teeth cleaned and the bad ones pulled, Buffy now has lovely minty-fresh breath all the time. In spite of losing 13 teeth several days ago, her mouth is feeling well enough to chew on a hard rawhide bone. She had not shown any interest in these bones (which Barkis has lying around in a number of places) before her dental intervention. Clearly, her teeth no longer hurt her.


  1. Her ears are UP!!!!!! She looks so darling!!!!

  2. Yes, I noticed when I posted these latest pictures that her ears are up in all of them. They aren't up in any of the earlier ones. You did uch a beautiful job with her coat. All that remains is for her sores to heal which theyt are doing. She's almost done with all her medications now. -Bridget