Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Losing Some Weight

Buffy's general health has become so robust that we can't really call her our "sad little pom" anymore. In fact, she's been doing a little better than thriving. Buffy has become, frankly, a bit fat. Bridget's project of the last couple of months has been to take the dogs' nutrition in hand by feeding them whole food. The primary goal is to have them lose weight. All three Pomeranians (Barkis, Betsey, and Buffy) have needed to lose some weight for some time now, and Buffy's situation had become the most severe. She had the habit of wolfing her food and Pat had the habit of giving treats. These problems are being resolved as Buffy comes to realize her love for chick peas and Pat buys into the idea that food and love are two distinct things.

At the beginning of March, Buffy weighed 14.7 pounds. This week she's at 13.4. She looks better and moves around much more now. When she loses one more pound, we'll take her back to Dr. Ullom to get his advice on the ideal weight for her.

Coming soon: New pictures of grooming day for the very healthy and increasingly svelte Buffy!

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