Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Her name is Buffy!

She was rescued by the good folks at Keys Lawn and Garden. When Tahlequah'a great friend of dogs Toni B. came in, she saw the poor little dog, "I had spoken to her when I walked in. I just thought she was a shop dog lying contentedly on her pallet, water bowl and food dish nearby. She came to the middle of the shop, lay down, crossed her paws and smiled up at me, waved her tail." Toni publicized the plight of this sweet little dog on the internet: "I inspected her and discovered she was covered in mats, fleas, and sores. Her teeth are dark brown, ears encrusted. I suspect she'd been a brood bitch at some puppy mill and had been tossed out after she'd reached old age. The owner [of the shop] said, 'I think she must have been in a cage because her nails are so long.'"
Toni took the little dog home, cleaned her, groomed her, and tended to her wounds. Toni's publicity paid off in Tahlequah where Judith A. took print-outs of Toni's description and digital photos to all the local dog lovers. When she arrived at the Cowlishaw home, Pat Roussell just happened to arrive. The Cowlishaw-Roussell Conference on the Welfare of One Sad Little Pomeranian convened. Before sunset June 30, Pat and Bridget went to interview said Sad Little Pomeranian at Toni's house and found her as sweet and gentle as described.
The little dog is now at Pat's house, sitting on Brian's lap and getting to know a very well-behaved Barkis. Looks like there are now two Roussell Pomeranians in Tahlequah. Of course, a name was the first order of business and Pat decided on "Buffy" in honor of her brother's favorite character. The name fits (besides being a nice alliteration for "Barkis") because this pretty petite blonde has been through a lot -- and clearly has dealt with some evil-doers.

Buffy has an appointment with Dr. Ullom tomorrow afternoon. We will post again after that and let everyone know what the vet says. We'll also post video of her!

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