Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Video Report on Buffy's First Night

in Her New Home:


  1. Pat, Is she sleeping in the same room as you are? You are gonna have to steel your heart regarding this, and not give in to her yelps. You can give her a cookie when she goes in, maybe put her bunny rabbit in there, and very kindly, but firmly tell her night night and that you love her and turn out the light. If she keeps up the yelling, you might announce the word "QUIET!" and say it with authority and Leadership. EXPECT her to stop. And offer no "love" or "understanding," only authority. This is what she needs at this point. No sweet, cooing words. Only a simple "You are FINE" is what she requires. She's a very lucky girl, and her life now is THIS....This routine. This set of rules and guidelines. This requirement of your needing YOUR sleep! Sleeping thru the night is a skill, and she will be able to learn this very quickly if you stick to your guns.

    Lemme know how it goes! How was the vet visit today?

  2. Hi, Toni!
    No, Buffy sleeps in the kitchen where her crate and Barkis' crate are. But the bedrooms are just across the hall from the kitchen.
    I didn't give in to her that night. I managed to ignore her--that is, I didn't respond to her. Tonight I'm putting the two of them to bed and then going two blocks to Bridget and Brian's house for the night. I'll arrive home bright and early. That way we can both have some sleep tonight. I'm having faith that she will learn her new routine She's a smart girl. Yes, her bunny's there!