Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Buffy visits the vet.

Starting with her head:

I apologise for the poor sound. My Flip Video camera is amazing in every way except that it obliges me to ask people to scream into it.

Scanning for a microchip:

Well, that was a surprise! But, after calling "Home Again" ( the chip company), it was discovered that no one had registered her. Apparently, breeders have the chip installed but it's up to the next owner to update information. All we know from the chip (#4959383634) is that it was shipped to "Hunt Kennel." Their phone number was given as 800-829-4155. Maybe I'll call them to at least find out when the chip was shipped since that may give us an idea of her age.

Checking out her pelvis

and discussing the teeth:

Buffy's meds:

So, we have cream for her yeast infected ears and another cream for her infected feet. There's also an antibiotic orally every day. There's enzymes to sprinkle on her food to help her mouth and she received a de-worming pill. Bridget is the lucky gal who gets to deliver all these treatments to Buffy. After she's healed from mouth treatments, Brian will get the job of brushing her teeth (or whatever is left of them after the vet works on them next week) on a regular basis. (Shhhh! Don't tell him. It's a surprise.)

Finishing up with Dr. Ullom

(the greatest vet ever!) :

We'll have the results of the heartworm test soon.

And then when we got back from the vet's, I gave Buffy and Barkis their enzymes

mixed with a bit of cheese to ensure the yumminess of the experience.

Suddenly, she was a new dog: her tail was curled up on top of her back

like a Pom's tail should and it was wagging plenty:

I had been sure that she had mobility problems. Yeah, her feet were messed up, but she just moved her whole body like it was stiff. I thought it was because she was old and arthritic. Looks like not. In fact, it's getting hard to figure exactly what her age really is. I think she's going to surprise us in coming days, weeks, years.

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