Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Buffy's Teeth

Today Buffy went in for her dental work. She was under anesthesia. Dr. Ullom had to remove 13 teeth that were completely beyond saving. The rest were cleaned. She's now home resting comfortably and will continue on antibiotics for several more days.
Buffy got her vaccinations at the vet's today too.

The folks who work at the vet's went on about how sweet Buffy is. She's such a gentle, good-hearted dog. And she is the world's quietest Pomeranian.

She was very good about the trip to the vet. She even walked along on her leash and harness like a little lady. That's a testament to how much better her feet feel. She didn't want Pat to be out of her sight. She's fine with the car. She's fine with the leash. She's completely fine about every other animal she met at the vet's office.

Buffy now sleeps through the night more quietly each night.


  1. Wow, Pat, that is a LOT of teeth lost! As I said earlier, I don't think I've ever seen any as bad. Did she get to "keep" her canine teeth? I am so glad that she found you! What a perilous journey she has made to get to her Forever Home. "Practice" leaving her for short periods of time. Do not give in to that "anxiety" of being out of her sight. Make her Brave and Confident by steeling your heart a bit. And come by for a visit ANY time!
    xoxoox Toni Bailey

  2. Toni, yes, she kept the pair of large teeth on the top and the pair on the bottom. You really can't tell that she's had dental misery now except that she is missing a couple of teeth on the front bottom. Still, those look so white and clean now!
    (Don't know why Blooger won't let me comment as myself tonight)