Sunday, July 5, 2009

Buffy is moving around much more freely now. She breaks into a little jog sometimes. Her feet look great now and I'll be giving her the last of the ointment between the toes tomorrow. Her ears look really good. The medication for them will probably continue well into next week.
Today Buffy picked up her ears for the first time--something we've never seen her do before. She really looks like a happy pom when she does that. We'll post a picture of that as soon as she does it when the camera's on hand.
This coming Wednesday, Buffy will have her teeth cleaned by the vet. The week after that, we're going to try to get her interested in walking on a leash.

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  1. Her ears are "down" probably because of the medications...And this is a defense posture to keep everyone away from them. I think that she might've been kicked or hit on her left ear. Look for bruising there.

    I would go ahead and try her on the leash before she gets tooo comfortable in "owning everything" and decides that, as the Princess, she doesn't Have to do what she is told....

    I always offer one free Obedience Lesson with the dogs I place. Didn't know if you were even interested, but if you ARE wanting her to learn to walk on a loose leash, I can certainly help you get started. Call or email me. Also, there will be a really good program at the Public Library on Wed, night, July 15, regarding "how to properly meet a dog" and some different methods of training.